"Humanity is very similar to your flower garden with all its colors and scents when you take care of everyone equally. But if you prefer some colors to others and exclude some of them, your garden will have no colors. This also applies to all of humanity .

I gave my sincere efforts and I feel privileged to announce the launching of the new web portal and mobile app, which will be having advanced tools and applications. I have amended the SOP as well by which the whole system will work in a disciplined manner and no sinister will be able to stay in the organization for his/her self interest for a long duration. The roles, different protocols and terms & conditions have been improved for better functioning of the organization.

As the World Vice Chairman of IHRO, I'd like to express my gratitude to IHRO’s  Ambassadors, Dignitaries, members and volunteers for the triumphant performance as it was unachievable without their hardwork, dedication and constant support and we look forward in continuing to collaborate with you in the future. Prolonged handholding support to the target community through awareness and capacity building has resulted into strengthened people organizations in terms of information, knowledge and leadership. People movements' enormous diligence in the process initiated by IHRO is inevitable factor in the present accomplishments of  the organization