Dr. Mk Vajpayee

As Vice Chairman of the organization, we regularly interact with the Human Rights Defenders at all levels to understand their problems and bottlenecks. The Organization meets the NGOs/HRDs through participating in various programmes/events across the country. Further any aggrieved person can meet us directly or through our volunteers/ representatives and through open interactions. The feedback received during these interactions are given due consideration by the Organization and all possible steps are taken to ameliorate the problems being faced by them.

The protection and promotion of human rights for everyone is the commitment of IHRO seeks to raise awareness and education of rights, provide protection and support necessary for individuals and develop abilities. IHRO is functioning with commitment to the Noble Cause of Human Rights Protection and Promotion, Justice, Education, Love, Peace, Harmony to all and Friendship, National & International Integration by Exchange of Ideas & Ethos around the World .